The frosting on the (cup)cake…an update.

24 Sep

Via, there’s anĀ Indianapolis bakery that only wants dough from the straight kids.

The family-run bakery claims that since it is so “family-oriented,” that selling cupcakes to a gay students’ organization would somehow damage the example they are trying to set for their own young children. They prefer to teach their children that hatred and bigotry against other children is acceptable.

As Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young said so eloquently – “Teach your children well…” These adults are teaching their children that intolerance is a family value. If we teach our children the truth about others, if we teach them that blind hatred is wrong, if we teach them that equality is only equality when it covers everyone, maybe the world will be a better place. There’s nothing that tastes sweeter than a world full of Equality…and maybe cupcakes. But mostly Equality.


The bakery in question is now claiming they didn’t take the LGBT Student organization’s order because they apparently “don’t do” special orders. Of course this is what is said by the wife of the husband-wife owners of the bakery a few days after the husband was interviewed as saying “We have our values…and for instance if somebody wants a cookie with an obscenity, well we’re not gonna sell that.” comparing some rainbow treats with someone requesting cookies with “F*CK YOU” written on them.

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