Theory of Change: Why write?

24 Sep

Our stories are the most compelling and effective way to drive the changes we want in society.  Every great movement has a narrative and every participant has a story to tell.

That’s why we’ve launched Talk About Equality.  It is our sincere belief that our words, ideas, and stories can inspire people to act. We can empower our great community to take an active stand for our rights.

Through the sharing of information and opening up dialog across our movement we can delve into the issues we need to face, we can share the values that unite us, and we can move the hearts and minds of those that stand in our way.

The conversation starts now.  Join us.

2 Responses to “Theory of Change: Why write?”


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    […] victories, and personal stories, we allow someone else to revise our history.  We have our own stories to tell, remember, and cherish: “Telling our stories transforms our lives and our society and […]

  2. Hege and Toril: Why We Write « Talk About Equality - August 2, 2011

    […] Yesterday, we posted a story of the heroic Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen, a married lesbian couple who rescued 40 teenagers after the Norway massacre last week. The story has happily drawn quite a bit of attention and I want to take a minute to clarify things following unprecedented traffic and comments on our blog, and to follow up on our first blog post from close to a year ago, Why Write? […]

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