What about the kids?

24 Sep

One of the highest priorities we should have as a community is ensuring that our young people have safe environments to grow. There are many ways to create safe and nurturing environments but seemingly the most obvious is during the school day.  It’s where our young ones spend the most time and for most of us it’s the first place we experienced the first taste of the discrimination to come.

Stories like this are all too common.  LGBT Youth have the highest rates of suicide.  For many children school is a place where they can be safe and protected so they can learn and grow.

Not so for kids all over the country who are perceived as different.  You would think a profession dedicated to developing the lives of children would take measures to ensure that everyone in the classroom has the same right to safety and security.  And yet the problem persists.

So what can we do?

On October 5th, 2010 there is a National Day of Action planned to call attention to this issue.  Can your community commit to creating this safe environment?  Visit the page to find out how.

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