Oak for King!

27 Sep

A classic fall high school story. Oak Reed, from Muskegon, Michigan, ran a facebook campaign for Homecoming King at Mona Shores High school and won.

The problem, for the administration, is that Oakleigh Marshall Reed used to be named Oakleigh Marie Reed.  So, despite the common belief that Oak earned the most votes, the school principal invalidated his candidacy on a technicality. The school records still indicate that Oak is a girl.

Another story of young people being affected by the short sighted policies of adults.  It seems everyone in the school community is aware of Oak’s gender identity, including the teachers who use male pronouns and even the administration who selectively allows Oak to act on his gender expression.

There is an interesting twist to this story, one that gives us hope for future generations.  It seems the student body, band parents, and  Oak’s mother have been incredibly supportive.  Some students even created an Oak is my King facebook group and are intending to wear solidarity tee-shirts on October 1st.
Oak Reed for Homecoming King!

Kudo’s to Oak for sharing his story with the world and living openly and honestly and to the supportive students at Mona Shores High School.

4 Responses to “Oak for King!”

  1. Dan Fotou September 27, 2010 at 8:51 pm #

    I just called the school and spoke to Principal Jennifer Bustard. She couldn’t discuss details regarding Oak, as the law forbids her from releasing information to anyone other than family members. She did say the situation isn’t as it appears. I’m wondering if there’s been an update on the situation. I mentioned the importance of ensuring the safety of all students and the responsibility that rests on the school administration to educate regarding issues outside the norm. I also mentioned the recent two teen suicides resulting from perceived sexual orientation bullying. Principal Bustard was respectful and seemed sincere, and expressed her concern for all of her students’ safety.


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