Mich. Ass’t AG Andrew Shirvell: Social Media Expert

30 Sep

So apparently Andrew Shirvell is on twitter and doesn’t know that anyone can read what he writes. These are screen shots from twitter, from an account bearing his name:

(you’re welcome)

(uh oh)


(Can I please make it to your blog? I’d be honored)

(Not at all)

(It was ever NOT on?)

(I bet.)

(Like, out of the closet?)

(Or maybe elected officials misusing the power of their office?)

(Not going to touch this one…)

(Insert your own joke here)

All kidding aside: this might not be his twitter feed.  But check out his blog and you’ll see that his words are startlingly close to this.  Don’t believe us? Check the twitter account.

This man must be stopped.  Chris Armstrong does not deserve to be attacked. He is only trying to live openly, and Andrew Shirvell wont stand for that.

***And as an added bonus***

The following are some photos. The first is a screen cap of the Andrew Shirvell’s own blog where he claims “members of the University of Michigan community are now rising up…”

It’s amazing that the U of M community is jumping right on board with these SCANDALOUS ACCUSATIONS! These brave students, standing up for what is right and moral and decent…


Yes, that’s Andrew Shirvell, holding his own sign amongst supporters of the openly-gay student council President.

4 Responses to “Mich. Ass’t AG Andrew Shirvell: Social Media Expert”

  1. Marcus September 30, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    I suspect that the above-referenced Twitter account (http://twitter.com/AndrewShirvell) is probably the real thing, and that http://twitter.com/AndrewShirveII is clearly a parody account set up, evidently, Wednesday evening. (Those are capital-i’s at the end, not L’s). Shirvell’s naive comment about “playing with himself” was a poorly worded retort at the parodist. While the parody account is mildly amusing (and a good example of how easy it is to impersonate someone on Twitter), a few of yesterday evening’s posts on the “real” page are almost as nutty as anything on the “parody” page.

    Examples of the (ostensibly real) Andrew Shirvell:
    “Whats the big deal with me having a Twitter account? Murderers and ‘gays’ have Twitter why can’t I?”
    “@AndrewShirveII I don’t find your attacks funny, but quite offensive. Please stop or I will report you to Twitter.”

    Examples of the parody:
    “I took an oath to protect and defender REAL Americans, not homosexual radicals.”
    “@AndrewShirvell if you don’t stop impersonating and making fun of me I’ll throw a hissy fit. Not funny!”

    And finally, the best, most deliciously ironic post of all, from the “legit” AndrewShirvell:
    “@andrewshirveii This guy with two i’s in his name is making me look totally crazy..”

    Who knows, or maybe I’m wrong and they’re both parodies, one rather more subtle and sincere than the other.

  2. milowent October 1, 2010 at 3:48 am #

    come, both accounts are fakes, its super obvious.


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