Lesbians on the Lam

30 Sep

From the Dallas Voice, we find a very interesting story of two young (one younger than the other) lesbians on the lam.

A 15 year-old Indonesian girl named Tn was placed into protective custody by her father in an attempt to “cure” her sexual orientation. Then, her lover – 26 year-old Sj busted her out and the couple is now on the run.

Kudos to Sj for saving this kid from a “treatment” which often involves physical torture and a lifetime of emotional trauma.

Despite this particular story, we’ve learned that Indonesia is fairly tolerant when it comes to homosexuality. And unlike other predominantly Muslim countries, it is not illegal so long as it is between consenting adults and is kept private – hardly Amsterdam, but could be worse.

Let’s hope Sj takes Tn to one of her relatives’ homes who might be more tolerant, lets her get a little high school under her belt and talk about that relationship a little later on.

**It should be known that the age of consent in Indonesia is 15 for women.

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