NOM: Blatant Bullies

4 Oct

We here at Talk About Equality are well aquainted with the lies of the National Organization for Marriage.  We helped put together a counter-rally here in D.C. when Brian Brown and his merry bunch of bullies came through town.  Check out some pictures from the event: The Big Commit.

During the event we were fortunate to meet the awesome NOM Tour Tracker team, and we have been following their west coast reunion tour.

Now it seems that NOM has demonstrated the ugliness and violence behind their positions.  In a recent encounter the videographer from the Tour Tracker team, Anthony Ash, was assaulted by a NOM supporter.

Adam Bink has some strong words for NOM, and we wanted to share them with you:

“I’m now openly gay, but I wasn’t always open. I’ve been harassed in my day- in the locker room, in school, at summer camp. They all did it for the same reason: because I’m different, and to them, people who are different are second-class.So I know bullies when I see them, and that’s what I’m calling you, NOM: bullies. Do you hear me? You are no different than the bullies who harassed me or harassed those poor kids or anyone else across America.

You know why? Because you can’t handle us being every bit as equal as you.

And you know what else? It just cost you.”

Check out Adam’s coverage of the tour.  Also, Courage Campaign and the Human Rights Campaign have started a joint venture to share the truth about the National Organization for Marriage:

We’ll be updating with more information as it becomes available.

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