Hate Crimes Continue in NJ

5 Oct

Following the suicide of several young gay men and teenagers this week and Sunday’s assault of a gay man at the historic Stonewall Inn in NYC, we turn our heads back across the river to New Jersey.

Jersey City Councilwoman, Nidia Lopez had her SUV vandalized while sitting in her driveway this weekend. On Saturday morning she noticed a large dent in her front fender and the words “GAY FU” written in marker.

Lopez was appointed by the council in September and is the first openly gay and HIV-positive council member. She replaced former At-Large Councilman Mariano Vega, who resigned after it was announced he pleaded guilty to corruption charges.

“They should be ashamed of themselves,” Lopez, 61, said. “There are some sick people in the city, and it was not a nice thing to do.”

“They’re not going to intimidate me,” she added.

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