Suicide Note From a Gay Teen

6 Oct

From Truth Wins Out this morning comes a shocking and saddening story that needs to be shared.

This is a truly heartbreaking read on Thankfully, the teenager who wrote this and attempted suicide, survived – and with some luck, he will see that It Gets Better.

We hope to share with you happier news as time goes on. And what will not be reported are the hundreds of kids out there who are being inspired by the It Gets Better Project or by the Trevor Project. What we won’t hear are the incredible stories of kids who are embraced and loved by their friends and family and saved from taking their own lives. And that’s okay.

This is an excerpt from Steven’s story…if you have a moment and can handle it, please go see what this young boy (and so many others like him) is going through.

“I love you mom and dad.because even though you did not undertand maybe you loved me and said I was fine and you would help me.but at school it was like being in hell. Iwas burning in hell eery day…Don’t be sad. You wont have a faggot son anymore. So you will be happy. No more burden for you. Tell every0ne I got sick or something it doesn’t matter I just cant go on one day more I cannot fucking go on.”

Keep talking.

One Response to “Suicide Note From a Gay Teen”

  1. leesis October 6, 2010 at 10:49 pm #

    So heartbreaking indeed. We need to support each other. I offer my latest post at toward this goal

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