Metro Weekly: National Leaders Discuss the Movement

7 Oct

Below is a perfect example of national LGBT organizations engaging in cross movement dialog.  This is exactly the kind of conversation that we needed months ago.  Chris Geidner:

Within the LGBT community during the past two years, several events – from the response to Proposition 8 in California to decisions about the legislative priorities in Congress and approaches to those priorities – have led to some high-profile disagreements among LGBT organizations.

Against this backdrop, Metro Weekly spoke with the leaders of 15 LGBT political, legal and electoral organizations whose work has a national impact. These conversations, all conducted during the week of Sept. 27, show unexpected agreements and similarities between organizations with significantly different missions. More fundamentally – and despite differences of opinion and of strategy – the interviews make clear that the relationships between LGBT organizations are not easily defined in terms of a “schism” or even a divide.

But it’s true that for all the questions about the pursuit of LGBT equality, there are many voices, often leading many people in sometimes differing directions.

It could be – and has been – characterized as a mess.

Or it could be something else.

Check out the full article here, and join in the discussion.

Also via Metro Weekly: lawmakers discuss the effectiveness of congressional protests, with some surprising opinions.  Start talking.




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