Don’t Ask Me Anymore: Dan Choi Re-enlists

19 Oct

Is this the end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”?

Dan Choi is headed to the times square recruiting station:

The Government is appealing the decision in Log Cabin Republicans v. United States yet Judge Virginia Phillips’ injuction barring the enforcement of DADT still stands.  A tentative ruling has been issued by Judge Phillips denying the governments request for a stay on the injunction pending the appeal.  For the moment Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is dead.

This afternoon, a pentagon spokesperson indicated that recruitment stations will begin processing the applications of openly gay and lesbian recruits.  This is on the tails of a story from last week, via GetEqual, involving Omar Lopez, who showed up at a recruitment center on the day the injunction was issued.  Check out his video:

Now is the time.  It’s almost over.

UPDATE: Yesterday, Dan Choi re-enlisted in the armed services. After two hours and after discovering he is apparently too old to join the Marines, Dan joined the Army!


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