Maggie Gallagher “Gay Teen Suicides Not My Fault!”

20 Oct

It would seem to make sense that when kids are taught to hate other kids for how they differ, that they would then pick-on or bully those kids. But apparently the woman who leads the way in teaching people that LGBT people are only trying to destroy families is not responsible for the anti-LGBT feelings that pervade our country.

Maggie Gallagher, the President of the so called “National Organization for Marriage” has spent the

Maggie Gallagher (Photo: The Advocate)

better part of the past ten years attacking LGBT people. She even managed to use her position as a columnist to get paid by both the papers and the Bush Administration as a contractor hired to promote Bush’s anti-equality agenda.

But today, Maggie outdoes herself. She complains about people in the equality movement calling her out for her lies about us:

“Evan Wolfson, one of the leading architects of the gay marriage movement, calls me out personally: “National Organization for Marriage Chairman Maggie Gallagher is among those who, with reckless disregard, attacks LGBT youth.”

Former Clinton adviser Richard Socarides told the AP these suicides demonstrate why gays should be allowed to marry: “When you speak out for full equality now, as opposed to partial equality, or incremental equality, you send a message to everybody, including the bullies, that everyone is equal.””

She then goes on to quote statistics about LGBT kids in Massachusetts (where marriage equality is recognized, but still fought by organizations such as Maggie’s and Mass Resistance – one of very few organizations officially recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center).

“In 2001, gay teens in Massachussetts were almost four times more likely to have attempted suicide (31 percent versus 8 percent). In 2007 — after four years of legalized gay marriage in that state — gay teens were still about four times more likely to attempt suicide than non-gay teens (29 percent versus 6 percent). “

It’s interesting that Maggie chose to look at the 2007 results instead of the 2009 results (which are just as readily available through a google search). The 2009 results see a drop in attempted LGB suicides to 24.7%. A drop from 31 to 24.7 seems more significant, doesn’t it, Maggie?

Maggie’s whole hypothesis rests on the fact that because gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts (despite the fact that those couples are still unrecognized by the Federal government and it’s 1,100+ rights), that magically gay teen suicides should disappear. She truly believes that her own horrific lies about gay people and her millions spent on making certain gay families continue to be seen as “less than” has nothing to do with the way LGBT kids are bullied.

Congratulations to Massachusetts on being a pioneer for equality – and for seeing your LGB teen suicide rate drop nearly 20% (6 percentage points).


One Response to “Maggie Gallagher “Gay Teen Suicides Not My Fault!””

  1. Adam October 20, 2010 at 4:10 pm #

    I often like to draw direct correlations between marriage and suicides. Much like the direct correlation between short, brown hair and obesity in women.

    Conformation bias to the max…and also just plain intolerance

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