Joshua Vandiver: Don’t Deport My Husband

22 Oct

Via comes this heartbreaking story of bi-national couples being torn apart by inequality.  Joshua Vandiver and his husband Henry Velandia have been together four years, and are now facing the harsh reality of immigration laws and marriage inequality.  But they are fighting back.

The couple has not taken this sitting down. Together, they hosted an event at Princeton to rally local support, spoke to their Congressional representative and  formed a Facebook page called “Save our Marriage – Stop the Deportation of Henry Velandia” that is gaining increasing support daily.

Show your support by signing the petition and joining their growing support base on facebook.  A great organization, Immigration Equality, works on this issue full time, and has a great database of bi-national couple stories.


2 Responses to “Joshua Vandiver: Don’t Deport My Husband”


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