Rep. Patrick Murphy: Our “Fierce Advocate”

22 Oct

There aren’t many times when LGBT leaders can agree on something, and having worked to get several of these organizations at the same table, we here at Talk About Equality can say that this is a pretty rare occurrence.

Rep. Patrick Murphy, a veteran who served in the Iraq War is also our most important ally in the House. He worked diligently to line-up votes so that the House could pass the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). With the fate of DADT currently hanging in the balance, we can see clearly that without Rep. Murphy telling his story and getting those votes lined up, that DADT would be nowhere close to a full repeal.

Talk About Equality would like to join in the voices of LGBT folks who thank Rep. Patrick Murphy and ask for your support in his tough re-election campaign. If you can donate anything, please give to Patrick Murphy now.

In discussing the title of “Fierce Advocate,” it’s nice to see an elected representative who lives up to that title.




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