Vote Tomorrow. Do it for Harvey, the Witch and the Spray-Tan Jock

1 Nov

Tomorrow morning, millions of Americans will get up a little earlier so they can relive their feelings of adolescent insecurity by walking back into their high school gyms…to vote.

I didn’t think about it until this moment, but isn’t it funny how much our political systems mirror high school? People making shit up about other people just so they can feel more popular, goth girls who think they’re witches, the jocks who think a spray tan looks cool, and the racist and bigot kids who pretend to be friends with everyone but are talking shit behind all their friends’ backs. We all knew these people, and who’d have thought they’d grow up and run for office?

So who to vote for this year? We all know that the LGBT Community is up in arms about the lack of progress in attaining our equality. And as the brilliant Joe Jervis said,

“Folks, not voting Dem because you’re angry about LGBT rights is like burning down your house because you don’t like the carpet. We can and will eventually change that shitty carpet, but we need the HOUSE it goes in.”

If you think it’s slow now, imagine what it will be like with Republican majorities in the Senate and House. Talk About Equality is not specifically a political blog, but there’s little talking about equality that can be done with those who say children are being brainwashed into being gay.

One thing we know for sure is that by putting LGBT people into elected office, we are moving Harvey Milk’s dreams forward. We are giving kids the message that you can win if you’re LGBT. One way of supporting these candidates is through the brilliant work of The Victory Fund. Click here to learn about the candidates they are supporting and make a contribution towards their work if you can.

We all like to spread blame when we have losses in our fight for equality. But if you don’t vote tomorrow, and someone who believes you don’t deserve equality does, then you can guess where the blame should lie.

Go vote. Go smell that high school gym again and show the orange-faced jocks, the witches, the bigots and racists that you have the power now.

Find your polling place, your registration status and more at


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