When Can We Move Forward?

4 Nov

photo by Jamie McGonnigal; equalityphotography.com

As we all have heard, there were some major Democratic losses and some major LGBT gains. I can’t help but notice though, that the blame game is in full-swing.

According to GetEQUAL‘s Robin McGehee, the blame lies with the Progressive Democrats not being progressive enough over at HuffingtonPost.

DailyKos blames the loss on racism aimed at the White House.

A Washington Post poll blames Barack Obama.

Obama blames himself.

Mark Morford blames Whiny, Young Democrats

Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast blames the Media.

Katie Couric blames Obama, the economy and unemployment.

It’s intelligent to analyze what went wrong and how to do things differently, but being as we are a community with very little patience when it comes to our rights, let’s try to move on quickly and figure out what to do next.

What we do know is that 106 LGBT candidates are now holding elected positions after yesterday. What we do know is that 10 years ago, that would not have happened. What we also know is that we are talking about equality in unprecedented numbers and that is how we have come as far as we have.

Keep talking.

3 Responses to “When Can We Move Forward?”

  1. Evan November 4, 2010 at 1:52 am #


    The only thing I would add is that we’ll never really learn with each other if we’re pointing fingers at each other. Let’s recognize collectively that mistakes were made by everyone, look at where they might have been without blaming, and commit to moving forward together.

  2. David John Fleck November 4, 2010 at 5:44 am #

    I won’t speak to the Democratic losses in Congress – historically, the loss of seats was to be expected. The depth of the loss in state and local races is most troubling.

    I will speak to the missed opportunities to pass ENDA, UAFA and most possibly (if the lame duck strategy fails) repeal of DADT in the 111th Congress. That our national LGBT advocacy organizations ignored history and waited until the President’s second year to seriously push is inexcusable.

    As a community we need to provide these leaders with the opportunity to explain their actions (or inaction) and determine whether or not we want them and their organizations to continue to speak for us. This is a critical element in the process of moving forward.


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