21 Dec

This is a piece written by a dear friend of Talk About Equality, Michelle Wright. She has a fantastic and inspirational story, which hopefully soon she’ll share with all of you herself.

Until then here are her words:

An Ode to Super Heroes

By: Michelle Wright
December 2010

I wish you knew that super hero’s aren’t brave, or real. Fragmented
pieces of children’s imaginations wearing tightly fitted costumes,
adorned with brightly embroidered capes. Their signature emblem
stitched on, cleverly chasing after the “evil villain”- the one that
audiences have grown to despise and needs to see their master plan
thwarted. No, those alleged “heroes” are better left in the pages of
story books or in the films on the screens of a movie theatre. I want
to share of the Heroes that have risen in their place, flying through
the night on man-made planes, gathering crowds, speaking about
injustice. Their lioness mane’s flowing freely in the summer winds,
using the swords of their tongues to preach speeches about Equality to
anyone with a listening ear. They sacrifice time watching their
children age for strategy sessions and the beauty of fine linen for a
white cotton t-shirt, with a catchy message of hope inserted with the
need for change. I have seen these men and women fighting, been inside
their inner lair. Their selfless efforts continually amaze me.

The villains they fight aren’t monsters in the traditional sense. They
are mothers preaching the “good news” in the Beltway, fathers risking
it all to save their child from our evil ways. They are brothers and
sisters, raging a war against their fellow man over a topic as divided
as the sunsets sky line. I’ve yet to see the happy ending, although
especially now there is great need. Instead of credits rolling over
symphonic melodies, there are headlines of gay youth’s committing
suicide. Not of families smiling and opening presents while a light
snow falls outside, but of parents and children being separated by
outdated immigration laws, by soldiers and workers losing careers,
instead of receiving holiday bonuses. The villains that I have met
will cut you with their eyes and burn you alive with their words, all
the while hands raised, praying on bended knee for their god to strike
a wrath down upon us in his 25th hour.

Indeed, Jesus wept.

As I lay in my bed last Christmas, I heard the voices of these
monsters deep within the contours of my mind. I stared sleeplessly
into a dark abyss as the clock ticked forward. Barely any crumbs
crossed my lips as I sat in quiet isolation. The monsters nearly had a
foothold. And right at that moment when I knew that the credits would
end and my movie was finished, here came the Heroes. With their arms
opened wide they showed me a new path, taught me to listen to my own
voice, instead of villainous moans fighting to gain access. They were
tangible and realistic and fallible and they taught me with their
actions; over difficult circumstances that good could actually triumph
over evil.

So, if you were ever like me and had given up on pretty much
everything, especially the power of the human soul, this is for you.
If you’ve been a super hero fighting, and your t-shirt is dingy, your
voice growing raspy, this is for you. This is for those that have
marched for their values, for those that have seen the inside of a
jail cell, for those that have tasted defeat and still risen in spite
of it. This is for the couples fighting to have their marriage
recognized in every state, for the young woman whose heart has been
broken by deception and lies. For everyone who is digging their way
slowly out of a limitless hole, this is for you.

This is for hope and love and peace and joy and equality- and for the
Super Hero’s that saved my life, this is for you

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