Unintended Consequences

3 Jan

LGBT residents of El Paso, Texas may have just found some unlikely allies in the fight against an ordinance stripping away Domestic Partner benefits from city employees.  The measure, passed by 55% of El Paso residents on November 2nd, has some problematic wording which may strip the same benefits from elected officials, who aren’t considered City Employees, and non-married heterosexual retired couples receiving union benefits.

Apparently in their rush to inject their particular religious views into the situation local religious leaders apparently painted with too large a brush and are facing legal blowback.

From the Advocate.com:

The wording of the measure came from its religious proponents — the church leaders couldn’t get an attorney to advise them on the verbiage.

Apparently even heterosexual couples and elected leaders aren’t safe from the “family values” crowd.  This seems like a great chance for local LGBT leaders to make some allies in organized labor.  Because this is the alternative:

[pastor] Tom Brown is threatening to fight officials if they attempt to reinstate the benefits for gay partners. He has proposed another ballot initiative which would strip the city council of its power to amend or rescind voter-approved measures. “I’m feeling a call from God to get more involved in our government,” Mr. Brown said in an interview.

“I have no regrets,”  says Brown “We did what was right.”

Sorry Policemen, Firefighters, and tax-paying LGBT citizens, this is what God wants.  All citizens, gay or straight, should be concerned about this type of interference and this is a prime chance to stand together for civility and fairness.


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