16 Year Old In Arizona: Make It Better Or Else

4 Jan

After facing harassment and bullying himself in Arizona Public Schools, Caleb Laieski, a 15 year old high school student, is demanding that Arizona officials take action.  He has sent a letter to every school district and 5,000 plus administrators, city-council members, and state legislators.

The letters warn school officials that they must institute policies specifically prohibiting gay harassment by students, teachers and administrators. Schools that fail to stop bullying will encounter “legal ramifications.”

“This is more not to threaten a lawsuit but to put resources out there,” said Laieski, founder of Gays and Lesbians United Against Discrimination. “But if they don’t want to cooperate, there’s going to be consequences.”

Just two years ago, at age 13, he  founded an advocacy organization, Gays and Lesbians United Against Discrimination, and is now lobbying state officials to affect policy.  Before this he succeeded in securing anti-lgbt bullying language in the handbook of his former high school.

Hopefully students across the country will see his story and be inspired to make it better for their own states and districts.

These are some great organizations which can help:

The Make It Better Project

The Gay Straight Alliance Network

The Gay and Lesbian Straight Education Network

(h/t AmericaBlog Gay)

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