Real Gay Families

5 Jan

The Pop Luck Club, a support and advocacy group for gay fathers in California, has just launched a massive PR campaign designed to highlight real gay families and build a supportive community for current and prospective gay fathers:

The campaign includes radio PSAs and bus shelter ads featuring family portraits of its members. The ads run throughout January across the Los Angeles region, from the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys through the West Side, Central and East L.A. to Long Beach and Orange County.

The ad campaign hopes to reduce stigma around gay parenting. “We make lunches for our kids, get them to music and karate lessons… just like every family,” says Richard Valenza, co-president of the Pop Luck Club. He adds, “With this campaign, we are putting a real face on gay parenting.”

The Raise a Child campaign makes essential inroads among persuadable voters and sparks the kinds of discussions that reduce stigma and fear of gay families.  With high visibility imagery and messaging that touches on common values a lot of California residents will see these pieces and be able to relate to the community on a different level.  This is less about winning points in a human rights argument as it is showing the true diversity of experience and commonality that exist among all Americans, gay or straight.

The Pop Luck Club also performs an invaluable service to the Community by offering much needed support structures to existing families. By connecting them with other single-sex parents, facilitating social interactions, and sharing positive images of gay parenting they are nurturing a sense of communal support and responsibility in parenting.

This kind of organization should be in every state.

(Hat Tip: Eric Ethington, Pride in Utah)

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