Turns Out I Know A Delegate In Maryland

2 Mar

Hi Ms. Healey,

You may or may not remember me. My name is Sean Carlson. I went to St. Jerome’s with your son Robert, and was a long time member of the church with you and your husband. My mom is still a lector there. I’m a life long Maryland resident and one of your constituents and neighbors.

I’m writing you today to talk about the Marriage Equality bill that you and your colleagues are about to debate. As your neighbor, and as a young gay man, I would very much like to count on your support for the bill.

I know that there is an enormous amount of pressure bearing down on each one of you to try and influence your vote. I’m sure this isn’t an easy decision for you as a Catholic and there are a number of outside groups pouring resources and misinformation into our state. I only hope that you will think of me and the very real consequences this vote will have for my life when it comes time to vote.

You see, my boyfriend and I do not want to change marriage, we don’t want to bring down the pillars of society, and we don’t want to influence anyone else’s marriage except to offer support and love as any other neighbor would do.

When you hear the debate on the floor, you will hear all of these accusations and more.  I would just hope that you will remember that this is no concept we are discussing here. This bill represents real people.  This bill represents me.

Thank you for your time,

Hyattsville, MD

I got not one, but TWO automatic phone calls from Brian Brown at my parent’s house this morning. They are not holding back in Maryland.

Today’s the day. Make all the calls you can, write an email, or call your Maryland friends and family and get them to do the same.

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