Comedian Tracy Morgan’s Anti-Gay Tirade

9 Jun

Should comedians be given a pass when it comes to hatred and bigotry? Historically, comedians have used the “but it’s just a joke” defense of their ignorant comments since before Al Jolson’s black face. But in this day and age, are we to excuse blatant homophobia coming from the mouths of comedians just because they are trying to be funny?

In the case of Tracy Morgan, of SNL and 30 Rock fame – to one audience member, it’s crossed a line. Kevin Rogers saw Morgan’s show in Nashville this past weekend and was expecting some straight-on-gay humor as is standard with a lot of comics. But what Kevin heard was instead a bigoted and homophobic anti-gay tirade at Morgan’s show.

According to a note Kevin posted on Facebook, Morgan’s entire demeanor changed for this portion of the program and after referring to gay people as God’s mistakes, advocated for anti-gay violence against his own family member, (quoting Kevin’s Facebook post): “He said if his son was gay, he better come home and talk to him like a man and not [he mimicked a gay, high-pitched voice] or he would pull out a knife and stab that little N—– to death”

Truth Wins Out has called on Morgan to comment on his anti-gay tirade as well as a request for comment on these allegations from equality advocate Tina Fey (whom Morgan has worked with for several years on 30 Rock).

“LGBT people are still fighting for equality all across America, and many of our teens are still very much at risk.  Sadly, reports of gay youth taking their own lives due to anti-gay bullying have become all too common.  Tennessee’s gay teens are in particular danger as the state legislature has endeavored over the past year to make life as difficult as possible for them, going as far as to move a bill prohibiting teachers from even acknowledging their existence in schools.  Tracy Morgan is a role model to many young people, including gay kids.  If these reports are true, Mr. Morgan owes them, and us all, a full apology.”


6 Responses to “Comedian Tracy Morgan’s Anti-Gay Tirade”

  1. June 9, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    The writer of this article needs to look at his own seemingless racist article – hard to believe blackface comments were a coincidence – before he asks an always terse comedian to tone it down.

    • Jamie McGonnigal June 9, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

      Hi there. I’m the writer of the article and the reference to blackface is a historical reference. Al Jolson was a performer who made fun of African Americans by painting his face black. I am absolutely comparing Al Jolson’s use of blackface to demean African Americans to Tracy Morgan’s use of comedy to demean gay people.

      Would you excuse Al Jolson’s racist humor today? If not, why would you excuse Tracy Morgan’s homophobia?

  2. matthew mechanic June 9, 2011 at 8:51 pm #

    Comedian Michael Richards, Known for his performance as “Kramer” on Seinfeld, went on a racial tirade against hecklers in a comedy show. His Remarks where of hatred and bigotry, the acceptance of LGBT as punch line of negative jokes, re-enforces those ideas of hatred and bigotry against LGBT . Michael Richards(Kramer) was persecuted in the press for his comments; justifiably so. When will it be socially unacceptable for LGBT people to be the negative punch line of the joke?

  3. Dawn June 10, 2011 at 11:18 am #

    I think their are certain things that are just not funny. Any jokes about advocating rape and bigotry comments towards people who are gay, mentally handicap, and ALL ethnic group. I think you have to be careful what you say. It doesn’t mean you can’t make jokes about gays, whites, hispanics, blacks, asians and ect, it just means you can’t cross the line. There’s nothing funny about killing someone because they are gay. Just like it was not funny when Michael Richard made his comments about lynching and using the N word. Its sad cause a lot of these funny people are wasting their talents, and its almost like they are becoming desperate to find new material so they don’t become a has been.

  4. jaymalls June 10, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

    Gay/Lesbian people were not born that way. If you believe that… your nuts!!! A anus was made to excrete body waste not get penetrated #FACT! What Tracy said was way over the top… dont get me wrong. But 80% of what he said was true. Your not gonna stop bullying. It happens in school and in the workplace. Its the result of takeovers (Government & Private Sector), War, Religion, etc. People just need 2 stop crying and MAN THE FUCK UP!!! Its a natural instinct all animals (humans are animals) have… only the strong survive. Ultimately, this is how leaders made and separated from the pawns! #FACT


  1. Tracy Morgan Apologizes for Homophobic Rant – Meets With Homeless LGBT Youth « Talk About Equality - June 14, 2011

    […] being one of the first sites to share the news of Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant at his Nashville show last week, we forwarded the story on to GLAAD’s Jarrett Barrios. From […]

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