Brian Brown EXPOSED in Covert Gay Activist Operation (sort of)

8 Jul

Brian Brown at DCA (photo by Jamie McGonnigal,

So, I’m on my way to Fort Wayne, Indiana for an anime convention (for those who don’t know, I do voices for Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh! and a bunch of other animated things)…anyway…I’m going through the line at security and I recognize the man in front of me as Brian Brown, the President of the hate group, The National Organization for Marriage. Strangely, I thought he was taller. I also was surprised to see he was a smoker (Marlboro Lights). He almost forgot his plane ticket and passport on the conveyor belt, and like a good gay person, I handed it to him.

After that, we both happened to be in need of a place to charge our phones. I sat down at a small table and he stood at the phone charging station. How surprised was I when he picked up his phone, dialed and said “Hello Senator…” I went into stealth mode and immediately began transcribing.

It didn’t become clear until his next call that he was talking to Senator Ruben Diaz. He was begging Diaz to show up to a rally. Apparently Diaz was grilling him about who was going to be there and Brian told him that Archbishop Timothy Dolan would not be in attendance. Apparently, that’s when Diaz said he wasn’t going to come and Brian got noticeably upset. He started to raise his voice and told Diaz that his constituents were still very upset about the vote and he really needed to be there. The call ended. According to Jeremy hooper at (the resident expert on all things NOM), This call more than likely had to do with the July 24th NY Family Research Foundation event. This is of course, the same day that New York plans to start recognizing marriage equality with the first marriage licenses handed out to same-sex partners.

Brian then called someone (presumably Maggie Gallagher) and mentioned he’d just spoken to Diaz and he wasn’t coming to the rally. he said he wasn’t worried though about the Hispanic turnout because “they love this stuff.” He turned his back a few times and became inaudible, but he did mention the recent Foxx Amendment to the Defense Bill regarding DOMA and said he’d picked up “16 Democrats.” He said he needed to “make a big deal about it today and on Monday.” He told whoever was on the phone that they should talk to Tom McClusky because he knows the most about it.

Then came the interesting part for me. He said he needed to talk to Justin about who to hire with regards to a “New York International” organization. He has a meeting planned with the Christian Institute of Scotland and then said he didn’t “have much faith in the Mexican group.” Again, Jeremy Hooper recognized that Thomas Peters (NOM staffer) has been tweeting about some of NOM’s “exciting new plans.” This could very well have to do with that.

I’m not sure if there’s any actual news here, other than the fact that NOM is planning some International work involving the Christian Institute of Scotland and that he doesn’t really care for the Mexican group. He certainly didn’t mind categorically assuming that Hispanic people love hating gay people. Jeremy Hooper also agreed that Brian Brown was much shorter than he expected.

7 Responses to “Brian Brown EXPOSED in Covert Gay Activist Operation (sort of)”

  1. Panama corporation July 8, 2011 at 11:27 pm #

    Tony Perkins leader of the hate group known as the Family Research Council is that the very tall Empire State Building became so very colorful after the New York marriage vote the other night .People at the Empire State Building said it was a coincidence. Regardless of how things appear never doubt that He is at work behind the scenes.

  2. Melissa July 9, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

    After seeing this photo and the countless times I ran into him in the halls of the Albany statehouse, I am convinced this man only owns one suit.
    Oh, and if you think he’s short, you should see Ms. Maggie in person. She’s about as tall as she is wide. I pointed this fact out to her, and when she began to laugh, I called her a “twatwaffle.” She stopped laughing.

  3. Demand Equality July 11, 2011 at 11:17 am # is the NOM gay bashing revival – not Family Research Foundation.

    • Jamie McGonnigal July 11, 2011 at 11:26 am #

      Thanks for the link. As stated in the article, it is a Family Research Foundation event.

      • reALtRUTH iSNTpOPULARtRUTH September 14, 2011 at 7:16 pm #

        Look, people, THIS is PRECISELY why we’ve the name we do, today, becasue “we” earned it. Initially, a journalist begins with being snippy, a common gay stereoiypical trait, & belittles facetious elements, noy having to do with the heart of the matter. You think, if we were more valorous, possessing dignity, though it all, instead of fighting back the only way some of us could, as children, surreptitiously & behind protection, we might come to be seen as something else..? Melissa dogs the Mrs., & someone is certain, soon, to put down someone’s aftershave, as clothing has already become fair game. Isn’t that exactly what they mean, when they say something is “gay?” You all sound like, well…a bunch of snippy fags, & I know that one will hurt, because it is true, but instead of seeing it for an opportunistic time-out of awareness, you’ll lash back, imagining your keyboard to be a weapon, because you’ve developed little else, & not one of you stands alone, & doens’t possess a “support crew,” in your circles, where you’d turn on one another, trying to steal one another’s hot hook-up, if given a bump in the hallway. Or does the social circle of shallowness possess you? Guess we’ll see, once you band together, to “oust” this Benedict Arnold, in your midst, yet put down each other, when smoke from my comment clears.
        I, myself, came into the community, afetr trying the hetero route, as did many, before you nit-pick stats on me to piece out. Here are some: I’m a male, competitive athlete, in a fight sport, & would never raise a banner, representative of such people, in a hetero-dominated sport, or in other arenae, in which I’m active (altruistic endeavors, for those who don’t even ahve a PFLAGG voice; ‘casuethe truly suffering have littel or no voice at all, abotu their woes).
        So, feel free to analyze and pick apart my typo.s, & foucs on something else (“anything else),and forget that what we can do, to change this, is to change us, & cease all teh mandatory focus & dsiplay of defiant sexually oriented everything. Let;s take a page from the mistakes of some of the other voices of movements, out there, and not force our way in, with a wrecking ball, but utilize self-development, & grace under duress, & be more surgical, as in precision, & not remain anotehr hate group, from the pendulumns swing, the other way. With a huge % of rep.s in the GLBT filed being carbon copies of you clone clihe’s, I & the few others walking alone & as strong & manly as any hetero man, won’t replresent. You’ll predictaly say it won’t hurt, but we’re the rep.s you need, which WOULD get notice & change of preception. I’ve not oen qualm about openly admitting I like same sex, but will never admit I’ve aligned with the shallow, empty & walking dead, one-track mindset, typical to almost all gays. STOP BEING SO DAMN STEREOTYPICALLY & PREDICTABLY “GAY” IN YOUR CHARACTERISTICS.


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