Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul

15 Jul

A little chicken soup for the gay soul this lovely Friday afternoon. This website was just forwarded to me and I need to share it, so you can join me in my mid-day sobbing. provides parents of LGBT and questioning youth, or any parent for that matter, with a platform for expressing unconditional love. I have a lot of friends out there who are struggling with coming out to their folks, or worse – struggling with folks who you’ve come out to and who don’t accept who you are. That’s what this site is for. Sure it’s hokey, and not recommended for anyone who cried during the Google Chrome “It Gets Better” commercial, but it provides a truly lovely emotional resource for people who have something to say and people who need to hear it.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite parts of some of these beautiful notes:

To Emily from Dad:

I love you and have always been proud that you’re my daughter. It doesn’t matter to me who you love or find a connection with as long as you care for them, they care for you, and you are happy. That’s really all parents want for their kids, and what constitutes a parent’s greatest fear – that their child won’t be happy. One thing I pray every time I’m on my knees at Church is that you and your brother will find fulfillment and happiness in your careers and your personal lives – in whatever form that comes……

Your mom and I love you, we’re here for you, and we will always be here for you. I hope this makes you smile….Love, Dad

A Note to David (What Mom Would Have Said):

It is through your amazing heart that we see your kindness and gentle soul. Mom always knew this about you and protected you as much as she could. Mom and I would talk about how she wished so much that she could erase the time in your life where you struggled with who you were. She wished that you could have lived, just as other boys your age did, without thinking you were different.

Mom was always accepting of who you were and felt such a weight lifted when you did come out. She loved her walks with you and although she didn’t tell me this, I could see that she never worried about you from that day on.

We all love you for who you are and see only the kindness and endearment you offer to all of those around you. We are proud to have you as a brother, and mom was definitely proud to call you her son.

Please go visit this site – write your letter if you have kids or encourage parents you know to write theirs. But make sure you have the kleenex ready.

5 Responses to “Chicken Soup for the Gay Soul”

  1. Sharon Kass July 19, 2011 at 7:25 am #

    Please be advised that the “gay equality” cause has no factual, logical, ethical, or constitutional basis.

    The Left has used “gays” for political purposes. That game is coming to an end.

    The real information is at,,, and

    Your same-sex attraction/transgender feelings are symptoms, not “who you really are.”

    Get help for yourself. Life is short. Don’t give in to what is comfortable. Thank you.

    • Jamie McGonnigal July 24, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

      Actually Sharon, you are wrong. If life is so short, why do you spend most of yours hating those who are different from you. I’ve read up on your hatred and ignorance. It is well documented with a simple google search. If I can change from gay to straight, that must mean you can change from straight to gay. The only logical and scientific explanation is that the practices you cite are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of kids. When will you stop? How many more children’s deaths need to be on your evil hands before you end your bigotry, ignorance and hatred?

    • mo mcneil October 19, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

      Sharon it’s people like you, who are the cause of teenagers killing themselves.

      Did you choose to be straight? Did you wake up one morning and decided you liked men?

      I’m going to say no. You were born liking boys. Fine.

      But there are women out there who were born liking women and men liking men. You and narrow minded people like you need to learn from homosexual relationships. About what it means to love a person, and accepting people for who they are.

      Everyone deserves to be with the person they love, whether they are black, orange, polka dotted, right handed, or left handed.

      Stop spreading narrow minded hate, open your heart and please SHUT UP!!!

    • Justin Fischer December 25, 2011 at 11:57 pm #

      Please by advised that what Sharon wrote has no factual, logical, ethical or constitutional basis.

      1) Factual – The American Psychological Association (in 1973) removed ‘homosexuality’ from its list of disorders. There is ample evidence of it being practiced in the animal community, just as the animal community has ample evidence of (for those species that mate for life) same-sex partners connecting for life.
      2) Logical – Read above, plus the simple notion that no one, anywhere, in any situation, has the right to tell someone else to whom they should be attracted. It is how we react to those attractions that make us who we are. What Sharon wants to say, but doesn’t, is that she wants to tell everyone exactly how to feel because apparently, her way of life is better than yours.
      3) Ethical – There is nothing unethical about two legal, sound-of-mind adults acting on a same-sex attraction. It is completely legal in the eyes of the law everywhere in the United States. If Sharon was referring to some ‘higher’ law, she needs to be more specific in her interpretation of whatever scripture she is citing.
      4) Constitutional – See above. Sharon is right about one thing – the political game is coming to an end. The end will be found in equality.

      If someone finds happiness in some ‘pray-away-the-gay’ program, I would hardly begrudge them that, but it is this kind of damning, idiotic, uninformed philosophy that is directly tied to confused people, especially young people, killing themselves, because these are not symptoms They are, in fact, God telling you how to be happy.

      At the risk of being maudlin, if you hate being gay, getting rid of the ‘gay’ leaves a lot of hate behind. Get rid of the hate, however, and you’ve started something.

      Justin Fischer

  2. Patrick Wallace August 1, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    Thank you, Jamie, for sharing information about

    It’s because of people like you — and all of the loving parents out there — that we’re able to make such a positive impact on our beloved LGBTQ community.

    Thanks for helping us spread the love!

    Patrick Wallace
    Co-Founder and Executive Director

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