Fox News’ Van Susteren Defends Married Binational Gay Couple

11 Aug

Bradford Wells and his husband Anthony John Makk (photo by Noah Berger, Special to the SF Chronicle)

We posted the other day about the tragic story of Bradford Wells and Anthony John Makk, a binational couple being split up by our federal government. Makk, an Australian citizen has been with his American husband for 19 years. This week, the Obama administration made the decision to deport Makk who was legally married to Wells in Massachusetts in 2004.

In addition to being legally married, Makk is Wells’ primary caregiver through his AIDS treatment. Their heartbreaking story is making the rounds on the internet and was featured on CNN:

And in this storytelling and sharing of the couple’s life, minds and hearts are being changed. Coming from an unlikely source, Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren took to her blog defending the couple in a post titled: “THIS IS CONFUSING: PRESIDENT OBAMA SENDING MIXED SIGNALS TO GAY AMERICANS”

One other personal, not legal, observation…these two men have been together 19 years….do you have any idea how many phoney applications are made by heterosexual foreigners who come to the USA, find a spouse (sometimes money is exchanged), marrying, getting a green card and then divorcing? It is a racket. We sure don’t try and stop those fraudulent relationships/marriages with any vigor. These two men, whether you are for or against, gay marriage, have been together 19 years (and yes, paying taxes!)

Of course the blog post is just a veiled attempt to attack President Obama and vilify him to the LGBT community, but the substance of it is clearly in support of protecting our rights. Minds can change so long as we continue to talk about equality.

UPDATE: After a little research, it seems Greta is talking out both sides of her mouth (which would be an accomplishment as she usually only uses one side). Greta invited John Boehner onto her show back in March to discuss Obama’s decision to stop defending DOMA in court. In the interview, she clearly sides with Boehner and claims that Boehner (in defending DOMA) is “doing the job that the Executive branch won’t do.” So this is just another case of someone using the LGBT rights movement as a political football. Either she believes that this couple should not be separated or she believes that DOMA should be the law of the land. Talk about mixed messages…

2 Responses to “Fox News’ Van Susteren Defends Married Binational Gay Couple”

  1. Jay August 11, 2011 at 4:54 pm #

    I think no matter what anyone that is an announced conservative says or does that people will find a fault in it.
    She obviously is horrified by that poor man being deported, and didn’t say anything about the president, yet you still call it a ‘veiled attempt’ to attack President Obama?

    Maybe you can just accept that she is a good, decent person, no matter what her political views are.

    I can, and I am a lesbian.

    • Jamie McGonnigal August 11, 2011 at 5:08 pm #

      You apparently failed to actually click on the link and read her blog post titled “THIS IS CONFUSING: PRESIDENT OBAMA SENDING MIXED SIGNALS TO GAY AMERICANS”
      I was wrong – there was nothing “veiled” about it. This was an attack on President Obama.
      When Obama made the decision to no longer defend DOMA – who asked John Boehner on to call out Obama on not defending DOMA anymore? Yup…Greta Van Susteren.

      Talk about “mixed signals.” Either she believes these men should be separated under DOMA per her endorsement of Boehner or she doesn’t per her blog post attacking Obama for deporting one of them.

      I think the reason gay people find fault with Conservatives is because most of them are lying most of the time.

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