Virginia Again Chooses Discrimination over Adoption

15 Dec

VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

Anti-Gay Virginia officials made it clear on Wednesday that foster children in their state do not deserve the opportunity to find loving, forever homes. Despite being number 46 in the country when it comes to children being adopted out of the foster care system, Virginia made the decision to continue limiting the parents they adopt to, despite their own research and public opinion.

Virginia’s Board of Social Services, following instruction from virulently-anti-gay Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, voted 5-to-1 to continue to allow adoption agencies to discriminate against lesbian and gay parents when considering who is fit to parent foster children.

Chairwoman Bela Sood cast the only “no” vote, stating that science doesn’t substantiate the notion that only heterosexual parents should be raising children. Public comments to the board overwhelmingly supported Sood’s stance with more than 1600 callers claiming that the discrimination should end and children should be given greater opportunities for forever families. But despite public opinion, the board voted to discriminate against loving gay and lesbian parents in favor of passing foster children from home to home to home for the entirety of their young lives.

To date, there are 6,000 children in Virginia’s foster care program. Yet due to religious discrimination and partisan politics, the state has decided to severely limit the number of homes these children could be placed in.

One Response to “Virginia Again Chooses Discrimination over Adoption”

  1. thitherwards January 4, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    Well.. you bet. Discrimination is being at its pathetic peak in our country, especially for all those LGBT people. LGBTs are being isolated from their families, friends, relatives just because of their orientation. I wish this homophobic behaviour vanishes and every one live their lives as they want to.

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