Why do Arizona cops let people chase kids with guns?

3 Jul

For four months now, Felix Bermia, his husband Roy and their four young children have been terrorized in their own home.

Violent rapping on their doors and windows when the kids are home alone,  hateful slurs keyed into their vehicles, fires lit on their lawn and around their property and even a break-in with more vandalism and slurs on the walls. Then just last week, two men stepped out of an SUV and pulled a gun on the two young boys and chased them home.

Since the first incident, Felix has called the police 14 times. The story received some national attention in the past few weeks and added pressure for the local authorities to take some action, but they’ve come up empty-handed. There’s a young girl who is now afraid to sleep in her own room after vandals wrote anti-gay profanity on her pastel walls, with her stuffed animals lying all around.

Despite this marathon session of this constant harassment, vandalism and terror inflicted on the family, the police magically have yet to be able to find a single person who knows anything about the crimes.

The local authorities have issued a statement claiming they’ve been on top of these incidents, despite no action seemingly being taken until after 12 phone calls reporting the crimes.

Lou Colagiovanni at the Examiner outlines the history of events and points out that there will be a rally on July 14th to bring further attention to the police department’s apparent lack of attention to the matter.

2 Responses to “Why do Arizona cops let people chase kids with guns?”

  1. Rich July 15, 2012 at 3:53 am #

    Im so sorry but I too have been the target of the ignorant Gilbert haters. My life partner and I decided it wasn’t worth it because crazy don’t quit and you can’t fix stupid. You are not crazy, they are and you cant fix them. The only advice I can offer is this, they only harass. They make you think they will do more but all they really do is harass and let your mind do the rest. It’s not easy to overcome and it will take time. But we are stronger than hate. Pity them for being so empty and hateful that this is what they do with their lives. Stay strong and above all, as much as they try to convince the world that you are crazy, you are not. Sadly you see how evil the breeder world has become and to quote another far greater man, “we shall overcome”


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    […] may recall last week when we told you about the Arizona family that has been threatened, had their property set on fire and their children chased down the street […]

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