The Giving Tree: Family Week in Provincetown Day 5

2 Aug

I’m trying to figure out why I’m calling this day The Giving Tree. It’s obviously one of my favorite children’s stories and I’m a fan of pretty much everything Shel Silverstein wrote. I also look at the story as a euphemism for parenting.

This morning, my day started with an emotionally-charged panel featuring kids from Family Equality Council’s “Outspoken Generation.” 7 teen children of LGBT parents were on the panel and it was one of the most heavily-attended events I’d seen all week. The room was packed to overflowing and Dr. Kim Bergman moderated the event. While one of the main draws of the event was Youtube star and author Zach Wahls, all the kids had really poignant and important things to say.

With the recent (and quickly debunked) study from Mark Regnerus has provided a springboard for misinformationists to spread lies and falsehoods about our families. But with these young men and women on the scene, a firsthand experience of being raised by LGBT parents can be told. I’m hoping Family Equality Council lifts up this vital program that’s currently missing from the national dialogue. Every one of the young people on the panel today should be appearing on television wherever we can put them.

Following the panel, Sean and I had scheduled time for some wedding planning and wound up at a tasting at one of the locations we’re thinking of. It seems we have a lot more work to do, but that just means another trip to Ptown this fall! I was also really happy friends Amy, Ty and (an asleep) Declan joined us for a little stroll as well. Wedding advice is always helpful!

The late afternoon and evening activities included a screening of The Muppets, a happy hour for Transgender parents and then a fundraiser comedy night starring Kate Clinton. All were extraordinarily well-attended and Kate’s show was so packed, I got booted from the theatre, so I couldn’t take the photos I was asked to. It looks like Family Equality is having quite a successful week!

The night closed with some drinks with the now-legal Zach Wahls and then a run-in with some old friends from New York. I’m glad the rain seems to be gone as it was one of the most beautiful nights I’ve seen in a long time!

4 Responses to “The Giving Tree: Family Week in Provincetown Day 5”

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    Through these stories about the teens she met and her own family’s experiences, Jenn stressed the importance of communities of faith welcoming and being supportive of all families, including those with parents who are LGBT. Temple Sinai is one of those communities of faith which is warm and welcoming to the LGBT community. Over this past year, the temple’s Rainbow Committee submitted testimony to help pass the Transgender Equal Rights Bill in Massachusetts, which protects transgender individuals from discrimination in education, housing, employment and credit. After hearing from Jenn about the work that we do at Family Equality Council, members of the temple are now committed to assist in passing the Every Child Deserves a Family Act. This bill would ensure that our country does everything possible to move children out of the foster care system and into permanent, loving homes. It would eliminate discrimination in foster and adoption placement policies based on the marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity of the prospective parents. I would like to personally applaud Temple Sinai for setting such a wonderful example that communities of faith can be supportive of all individuals no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity!

  2. silver account August 4, 2012 at 7:41 am #

    In 1993, she and other parents started the K-12 New Heights Charter School in Stillwater. The publicly funded school’s charter mandated that it be non-sectarian in all programs and practices, but the school soon developed a strong Christian orientation. Parents of students at the school complained and the superintendent of schools warned Bachmann that the school was in violation of state law. Six months after the school’s founding Bachmann resigned and the Christian orientation was removed from the curriculum, allowing the school to keep its charter.

  3. gold account August 5, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    My name is Sean, and I’m the New Media Manager at the Family Equality Council. I’m excited to bring my fiance, Jamie, to our second family week. We’ll also be scouting locations and planning our wedding which we’ve decided to hold in P-town next year!


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