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Bigoted Radio Host Attacks Joel Burns’ Message to Gay Teens

12 Nov

Joel Burns, attacked for message to bullied teens

As we discussed here a few weeks ago, Fort Worth City Council Member Joel Burns has been called a hero for making a brave and impassioned speech at a meeting last month.

Joel has since appeared on talk shows and news programs around the country, introducing his husband to the world and telling his story. He’s inspired thousands by sharing what happened to him and encouraging young people with his own personal “It Gets Better” message.

Today, the Dallas Voice shares with us the backlash that Joel is receiving in

Chris Krok made bigoted attacks against Joel Burns

the form of a hateful, bigoted radio host on KLIF. Chris Krok expounds about how Joel should not have told his story because it was about “me, me, me.” Using a fake lisp, Krok mocks Joel saying “Look at me! I Thuffered!” He goes on to argue that Joel doesn’t have a husband because it’s not legal in Texas. “You’re a man. You do not have a husband” he says.

Krok personifies the intolerance and ignorance that LGBT kids face on a daily basis. Please call and email KLIF and tell them that Chris Krok’s attack on LGBT people was harmful and ignorant and that Krok must answer for his public bigotry. We will be investigating this further and finding out the advertisers associated with this show and asking people to make calls to the show’s supporters as well. If anyone here listens to KLIF from 4-7pm and recognizes the numbers or names of any of the show’s advertisers, please reply here.

214-526-2400 Is the Main Office number of KLIF

or email the Operations Director, Jeff Catlin at

Catlin said in an email to TAE reader, Bob Witeck:

It is corporate policy that we do not share internal disciplinary matters with the general public. I wouldn’t expect your boss to share with me when you get in trouble at work.

I would say I would challenge you or any other complainants to find another incident of Chris Krok addressing this topic or issue after the original airing. It didn’t happen.

Catlin fails to explain whether Krok was dealt with in any way, just notes that he only made the diatribe once and not a second time. He also fails to mention if he or the station believed what their on-air representative said about Joel and the LGBT community.

WARNING: This audio is rather upsetting.

Thanks TAE Reader Jason Kane for the heads-up!

More Suicide in Utah, is Mormon Church to Blame?

6 Nov

Our friends at are reporting yet another LGBT Mormon suicide today. PrideinUtah has been vigilant in getting stories of Latter Day Saints members into our view, and it’s nearly always attached to religious oppression.

Colt David Hansen, another Utah suicide.

28 year old Colt David Hansen fought a lifelong battle against the Mormon church, which he learned would never accept him for who he was. This story is particularly painful because even after he took his own life due to religious issues, his family has not only asked for contributions be made to the Mormon Missionary Fund, but they have refused to allow his friends to attend Colt’s funeral.

This week we also heard that well-known Mormon, Marie Osmond will be appearing on Oprah to discuss the suicide of her young son earlier this year. The reason she is coming forward and participating in what is certain to be the most difficult interview of her life, is because of the recent rash of LGBT suicides. She has not yet publicly spoken about her son’s suicide and has never referenced his sexuality, but one can assume that this is the reason she wants to come forward.

In 2007, Utah ranked #1 when it came to residents who suffered from depression and led the country at #7 in suicide rates. But when it comes to teen suicide (ages 15-24), Utah statistics are far ahead of the national average.

While linking the suicide rate to a religion is specious at best, one can easily do a little math to realize that between 60-70% of the population of Utah is Mormon. And it is fairly well-known how the Church of Latter Day Saints perceives LGBT people, what we do know is that gay Mormon teens are at great risk of suicide, and we must stop ignoring the links between the person and what the faith teaches.

In the past few years, Utah has seen their suicide rate increase drastically. This goes along with the increased attention that has been given to the direct link between LDS and several anti-gay measures. If we ignore the obvious and fail to tell these young people’s stories, we are failing them.

Thank you to PrideInUtah for continually being a valid source of information and we hope that through education we can help to curb this horrible trend.