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NYC Hate Crime Victim Fights Back

5 Oct

In the past few weeks, we’ve mentioned several hate-motivated attacks happening in largely gay areas of Washington DC. Tonight we have a story of some of the same happening in New York City. The most recent story, as told by the NY Post has a rather ironic twist that makes this story quite worth-telling.

Last night, DC resident Benjamin Carver was in New York with his boyfriend visiting a bar in the West Village. While using the bathroom, two men approached him and asked if he was gay. Assuming he was kidding, Carver laughed and asked if the guy knew where he was. He then was told “Don’t pee next to me faggot!” The men then demanded cash from him and blocked the door. They weren’t expecting him to fight back when they knocked him to the floor, but fight back he did. Elbowing one of the thugs in the head several times. The fight spilled out of the bathroom and into the bar with the thugs eventually making a run for it and later getting caught by authorities.

Now here’s the ironic part…perhaps it’s something in the musty air of the bar that inspired Carver to fight back. For it was in that bar 41 years ago, that the Stonewall Rebellion sparked the fight for equal rights for LGBT people.

Of course, hearing about an anti-gay attack is always troubling and spreads fear throughout the community. But remembering that we can fight back, that it’s within our power to no longer be oppressed, well that’s pretty inspiring. Hats off to Benjamin Carver! Have a great rest of your trip to the Big Apple!

Hold on…so I just did a little research and discovered Ben Carver is the founder of TheNewGay.net – one of our FAVE blogs on the interwebs which is run by TAE friend Zack Rosen! Too cool for words.

(photo of Ben courtesy TheNewGay.net)

(photo of Stonewall Inn (c) EqualityPhotography.net)