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7-Year Old Transgender Child Refused Proper Bathroom Visits in School

25 Aug

Tommy Theollyn’s son is transgender. The child’s doctor has confirmed this. Despite female genitalia,his son identifies as a boy and all the students know him as a boy. But Dr. William A. Hunter – the Superintendent of his school has demanded he use the girl’s room. On top of that, he has threatened Tommy with a call to Child Protection Services.

Here we have a parent who has worked with his child’s doctor and clearly done what is right for his son who is transgender. And here we have a school superintendent overstepping his bounds into what is quite clearly dangerous territory.

In addition to not allowing Tommy’s son to use the bathroom of the gender with which he identifies, he will not even let the child use the unisex bathroom in their school because it is a faculty restroom. This is a child who would not feel safe using the restroom which does not apply to his gender. This is a case of a school administrator bullying a child.

Tommy has started a Change.org petition targeting the McIntosh County School Board as well as the Superintendent and other members of the faculty and staff, demanding that all students be allowed safe access to bathrooms and other facilities.

Sign his petition here and add your name to the quickly growing list of people demanding protections for our youth. Ask yourself how you would feel if your child was denied access to a bathroom in school, how you would feel if your child was punished unjustly, how you would feel if your child did not feel safe and protected by the very people who are charged with molding and shaping your child’s future. When you’ve asked yourself and you have an answer, go sign the petition.

GA Man’s Bedroom Set on Fire in Possible Hate Crime

24 Jan

image courtesy wsbtv.com

Disturbing news out of Georgia where Chris Staples – a gay man living in Carroll County had a rock thrown through his window Saturday night. Attached to the rock was a piece of paper covered in gay slurs which according to Chris, read “we know you’re gay. And God hates gays. You won’t be raping anybody in the county and God’s going to make sure that you burn in hell.”

Hours later, Chris woke up to smoke and flames filling his bedroom. Chris’ mother, who lives next door spoke to Channel 2 Action News about the events. She told them that Chris had been out of the closet for 20 years and was very sick. He’s unable to work and rarely leaves his house, which made it difficult for her to understand the reasoning behind the act.

Police are still investigating the possible hate crime.

h/t San Diego Gay & Lesbian News