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Georgia Homeless Shelter Leaves Suspected Lesbian and Her Kids in the Cold

18 Jan

In a jaw-dropping story of discrimination, Change.org, it seems a Christian Georgia homeless shelter has chosen bigotry over actual compassion for others.

According to a story on WRBL, Elder Bobby Harris, the director of Columbus, Georgia’s “House of Mercy” claimed:

Elder Bobby Harris, Director of the House of Mercy

“That act [Homosexuality] is not tolerated here at all. Let me tell you one reason why: because of the Bible, of course. And then we have little children … We believe that Christ can change all. But when they begin to practice their acts.”

Throughout WRBL’s interview, an unidentified homeless woman claims she was kicked out of the shelter along with her young children when it was suspected that she might be a lesbian. She found herself on the street after escaping an abusive home – the same fate many Americans face. When she went looking for a little mercy, she thought she was in the right place – the same place she now describes as “unholy.” What’s more interesting is that the woman claims not to be gay and it was only a suspicion of House of Mercy staff members that caused her and her children to be left in the cold.

Harris goes on in his interview at once implying homosexuality is not tolerated on the premises of the shelter, but later on he says:

“They’re welcome to stay here. We believe that Christ can change all. But when they begin to practice their acts…and want to go out in the street and practice what they believe in, we have to let them go on and do that, because I can’t help you like that.”

It’s disappointing to see those most fragile and needy of us being used as a pawn in a bigoted religious game. I may not be a Bible scholar, but I’m fairly certain the Bible doesn’t say “If you think they might be gay, toss them and their young kids out in the streets.” Something doesn’t seem kosher about that.