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A Decent Proposal

16 Nov

Alright, sometimes I can be a softy. Whether it be a tender moment on GLEE or a story like this one.

Found this on JoeMyGod, as I find many a fun story –

Apparently Metro, a free British newspaper, held a contest in which the winner would be able to use the front page one day for whatever they wanted. Jon Mark Ireland, a gay man who’d been in a relationship for five years happened to win.

The 27-year-old (Jon) admitted he was worried regular Metro reader Ben would face some diversion from his usual routine that might prevent him from seeing the all important message on the one-off cover.

But it turns out all went according to plan… sort of. Having missed out on his own copy from the station on his way through, it was a fellow Tube passenger’s Metro that caught Ben’s eye…seeing his name, the 23-year-old panicked at the sight of it on the front cover.

‘I don’t always get a Metro at my station – depending on the time of the morning there can be hardly any left,’ he explained.

‘So I didn’t get a Metro this morning and, on the train, this guy was reading it in front of me.

‘Then I saw my name and I thought “what?” I sort of blinked twice, then I’m looking around for a Metro – I gave up my seat to try to find one.

‘When I found one and saw the front cover properly it was a shock – and as soon as I got above ground again at Marble Arch I had five or six missed calls on my phone from people asking if I’d seen it.’

Ben eventually gave his partner a resounding ‘YES’ when the pair were able to get through to each other a few hours later – after Ben initially texted Jon with the promise: ‘I’m going to kill you!’