NOM Takes on HRC Viral Red Campaign

27 Mar

DSC_0493I’m not one to revel in the downfall of the anti-gay movement. LOL who am I kidding? It’s brilliant to see bigotry and discrimination going the way of the car phone.

After spending the past two days organizing and helping run the stage at the United for Marriage rallies at the Supreme Court, doing about a dozen radio interviews and holding my soon-to-be husband’s hand while Edie Windsor walked down the court steps, I’m tired.

Yesterday after the rally, Sean and I walked to the anti-gay rally and were surprised to find a remarkably tiny crowd and horrifically boring rally. The only fireworks were from a 15 year old gay activist being bullied by some adults in the crowd. I was able to take a few photos of the scant crowd before leaving (or being bored to tears). Thomas Peters of the National Organization for Marriage claimed 15,000 people attended the rally and NOM President Brian Brown claimed over 10,000. Of course, the pictures show otherwise and the Capitol Police count (you know – the people in charge of counting crowds) claimed between 1,500 and 2,000.

The stage at the anti-gay march

The stage at the anti-gay march

The view from the stage at the anti-gay march

The view from the stage at the anti-gay march

And then there’s science. You may have notice 1 or 2 or 1,000 of your Facebook friends have changed their profile photo to a red equal sign or some version of it. According to SpotCo’s media team:

7580_434351313319009_1554855818_nMarriage Equality ‘Red & Pink’ Logo Dominates Facebook 3/26/13-HRC’s Facebook timeline was visited by over 9 million people yesterday.

-The photo was shared over 77,000 times just from the organization’s Facebook page directly.

-Number of profile photo changes to HRC logo estimated in the over 1 million.

-Big Brands jump on board to support. (Madonna, Beyonce, Martha Stewart Bud Light, among others…).

-People from 26 other countries chimed in for support – Japan being at the top of the list.

-Photo remixes estimated over 3,000 just yesterday

And then tonight happened. After at least doubling the crowd of the anti-gay group marching on Tuesday, Thomas Peters, Spokesman for the anti-gay group National Organization for Marriage (and might I add, the worst Communications Director of all time) has launched his own little viral campaign.
Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.33.33 PM
I can’t wait to see the stats.
In case you’re looking for a better version of their icon, please share this one:

One Response to “NOM Takes on HRC Viral Red Campaign”

  1. Theo McKinney (@Theo_is_SNAZZ) March 28, 2013 at 4:46 am #

    NOM’s way-too-late attempt to come up with a thinly veiled PRO-bigotry avatar for people to share, only managed to come up with a logo that seems to advertize ‘family restrooms”. or something, not marriage inequality.

    Poor sods: positively EVERYTHING today’s dwindling of grumpy sexual elitists try, backfires:

    Boycotts. Photoshopped “Marches”. Federal Court room appeals. EVERYTHING.

    Now that Flop 8, their five year old prodigy and feather in their intolerant caps, is on deathrow, their one major “victory” (renting a 2% margin of Pyrrhic “victory” it turned out)only served to start a serious conversation about what is and what isn’t LEGAL law making.

    All their attempt to trample the rights of SOME fellow “citizens” -but not others- remain an antigay trainwreck, begging to happen.

    And once it does for good…watch it all *get better*.

    Summer of Love, 2013: it’s time.

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